Uplifters Pro Kit

Uplifters Pro Kit is a must have styling blocks tool for wedding photographers, wedding planners, florists, calligraphy artists, stationary, stylists, styling kit & flat lay designs.


6 pieces uplifters styling block pack*
In 10mm thickness: 3x3cm + 5x5cm + 6,5x9cm + 10x10cm 
In 5mm thickness: 2,5x5cm + 5x5cm


Clear Acrylic cut on laser for a perfect finish.
Are neutral as the material is transparent, fitting on every color synthesis.
Necessary styling tools for add height and dimension to your presentation.
Υour flat layer will be converted to a high fine art aesthetic canvas.


Blocks have adhesive protective film on both sides to protect surface from scratching. Before use them, peel the covering off.
Delivered in a special case for safe transport and easy to storage.
For cleaning, wipe them off with a microfiber cloth.

Ιnternal Storage Case

Luxury collectible case that ensures the safe transport, management and storage of Uplifters.
Unique Styling Blocks Uplifter Pro Kit 526a
Unique Styling Blocks Uplifter Pro Kit 526a

Perfect Cut Blocks

Pack of 6 perfect cut blocks in several sizes and thickness. Squares and rectangles appropriate for every styling use, creative directoring and stationary. 

Excellent Support

Uplifters support all the important details on a photoshooting by giving height and depth of 3D dimensions. Elegant and discreet blocks, meet all requirements.
Unique Styling Blocks Uplifter Pro Kit 526a


Uplifters Pro Kit


*All images presentations of Unique Styling Ring Box shows what you can do with those uplifter styling block set. 
All the other items in sythesis are not included on sale pack.
images Ignatios Kourouvasilis
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