I am Vassiliki, Creative Director and force behind Unique Styling Blocks, a styling and design micro company.


She has been working in the applied arts and design for about 22 years with success and many distinctions and as a second generation of the family business in graphic arts and print advertising since 1970, she has experience on typography.

She have a Master Degree in Fine Arts / Industrial Design from Sheffield Hallam University and a range knowledge in Arts, Culture and History from her studies at Hellenic Open University.

With the chance by given from her husband Ignatios Kourouvasilis, who is a Destination Wedding Photographer, she begun to help him on styling and directing the wedding details.

As an experienced designer, Vassiliki found a new need to cover in the market by helping professional creators to rise up their own work and style.

Trust Vassiliki Tsironi and her Unique Styling Blocks products, for an excellent creative result, which will impress your customers.
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